MICRO SECURITY+ 'Light & Lock' 2in1

2016 - Final Year Live Client Project

As part of our live client project with Micro Scooter, we were tasked with designing a product for adult mobility. Micro Scooters aim is to target more adult users into the scooter community. The accessory designed and created must be one that would aid a user in one of their daily activities more fluently, for example, shopping, travel or storage. The product must also be able to fit the range of adult scooters on the market. 

The style of which the product is seen must fit with the adult appeal. Sophisticated. Sleek. Clean. Simple. Functional. 

My final outcome is Micro Security+. A compact Light & Lock 2in1 device. The Light is battery powered, and works with the Lock at the back.  Micro Security allows safer travelling during darker hours (after work for example) for the commuter or everyday user, gives warning to oncoming pedestrians, as well as being a secure way to store your scooter indoors or out.

Youtube Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aznHIibnNh4

Outcome: An appearance model with workable recoil Lock, and a Working model with metal cable/ Flash-Light with central On/ Off logo button.